Smartimage is a simple brand image management tool launched in early 2013 by Widen Enterprises based in Madison, Wisconsin. Widen's team of developers, designers and marketers have brought over 15 years of experience in developing and supporting enterprise-lvel digital asset management solutions to support the marketing, creative and PR needs of organizations of all sizes.


We are software experts who specialize in helping small to mid-sized businesses organize and share their most in-demand files. Smartimage can be used to make your most important brand files available at a moment’ notice, from your marketing toolkit, to your brand identity package, an image library, or a media kit. Smartimage is designed to hold your brand’ top logos, images, documents and videos, and it accepts a wide range of professional file formats. Our simple and refined software makes managing your brand content easier, and the simple, walk-up-and-use accessibility makes for a more user-friendly experience when customers and media professionals search for your files. Using Smartimage ensures that only your best content -- that which you provide -- is used to represent your company.


We are technological innovators who help companies manage their content to better share their brand story and grow as companies. When we started out, there wasn’t anything out there to help small to mid-sized companies compete with larger brands. We created an innovative solution to solve this problem, and we continue to grow that innovation every day.

Contact: Jake Athey
Title: Marketing Manager
Phone: 855-860-6037
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